Preaching Philosophy

My commitment at the pulpit…

I commit to preach God’s word. I can not promise that I’ll not fear man’s opinion, but I commit to fight through that fear and declare its timeless truths. I will raise my voice when it is warranted. I will beg and plead when eternity is at stake.

I commit to being fiercely loyal to doctrine. I commit to protecting that doctrine from being confused with the commandments of men. When I give my opinion, I will try to be clear that it is my opinion.

I will not be a bully from the pulpit. I will err on the side of grace. I will deliver God’s message and trust the Holy Spirit to work.

I commit to encouraging my brothers and sisters in Christ to measure themselves by the Bible. I will not create any measuring sticks. I will declare the destructive dangers of trying to measure up to man’s expectations.

I commit to being transparent when appropriate. When I talk about myself, it will be with the intent of helping others and, ultimately, glorifying God.

I commit to being keenly aware that hurting people will be under the sound of my preaching. My preparation in study and prayer will revolve around this inevitability. No matter what passage/subject I’m preaching, people will know in some way that Jesus loves them.

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