Anxiety Part 1

There is a spiritual aggravator that we must consider. We must take care not to add pressure to our lives or those we’re trying to help.

Anxiety Part 2

What is actually going on in the brain? The advances in neuroscience and brain imaging helps us understand the “disquieted soul.”

Anxiety Part 3

Taking a balanced view of body, soul, and spirit helps us apply the scriptures properly. Let’s not ignore the physical as we tend to the spiritual.

Root Issues

If we’re not careful, we’ll carry baggage into traumatic events. These trials are difficult enough, but can be intensified by issues we bring into them.

How My Wife Helped Me

The spouse of one suffering has an important role in the healing process. There’s a complex balance between accountability and “space.”


A tragic event on a beach left an indelible mark on my brain. I’ve slowly learned to enjoy the beach again. I share my journey to healing in this article.

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